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Prabhash Kandola
Prabhash Kandola
Prabhash Kandola
Prabhash Kandola
Prabhash Kandola

Obituary of Prabhash Kandola

My Father
By Sushila Kandola

One day, a man was born to the village his grandfather owned. The village of Musapur, India.
They named him Prabhash, and he was beloved by everyone.
At night, Prabhash would lay on the roof with his brothers and many cousins. They would listen
to the peacocks sing, and wonder how close the stars really were. They would watch Bollywood films on
screens bigger than a house, and walk the village streets, lined with food and shop-owners, playing
harmless pranks, and it was clear how much this little boy loved life, and especially his family.
When he became a young man, at twenty-five, he went on an adventure to America with his
brother. He was sad to leave his home, but they gave him strength. He learned to work very hard, how
not to take life too seriously, and was never anything less than himself. With this armor, he fought off
every possible foe. Everyone on his adventure soon learned that this man was very special, not only
because he worked hard, but because he was also kind, and not everyone could boast such a combo.
He soon fell in love with a beautiful redhead and her two children. They got married in summer,
and had a little girl, whom he named after his mother.
For more than twenty-five years they lived how they wanted. Prabhash created light out of
darkness, for he was an artist, and ‘painted’ with charcoal, showing his family that with patience one can
tame even the most temperamental instruments. He told them stories, and made them laugh every day,
for his humor was unlike anyone else’s, and this kept their hearts light. It was hard for them to share
Prabhash with anyone. But he was too wonderful to keep to themselves; he became a realtor, and gave
others laughter and home, just as he did for his own family. He taught people not to take life too
seriously, and to just be happy – and his every action made it so.
And so inevitably, when his heart found it needed home again, the scales found that his heart
was lighter than the lightest feather; and though no one wanted to share him, they knew they must yet
again. But they could be happy, because he had been their happiness all along.

A quote by Bhash on art, though if anything spoke of how he lived, this is it:

“Taught by nature, honed by life, sharpened by experience, and inspired by love. Guided by the
wise, I expose my inner self and display it on paper. With acquired patience I sink into velvet shadows,
inviting the warmth of light to embrace the comfort of darkness. Creating a balance, a harmony, to
invoke a smile, to hopefully release some old and new emotions, and connect with exciting places in the

heart of the viewer, I endeavor to stay rooted in the basics of life.”

Born to - Father: Nasib Kandola Mother: Sushila Kandola

Survived by: His wife of 25 years Debra Kandola, his children Cristin Bush, Marcus Bush, and Sushila

Kandola, and his brother Rajesh Kandola